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A friend recommended Dr. Nadeau to us and we can see why he’s been taking his two fur babies to Chippewa Animal Hospital for years. She was outstanding and really took the time to pinpoint the problem and offer solutions. They also sent a postcard as a follow up to welcome us to their practice. I, too, can now highly recommend them to anyone. She and the office staff are exceptional.

Kerry P.

Chippewa Animal Hospital has been my choice for veterinary care for the past 10 years. When I first started going to Chippewa Animal Hospital, I had 2 adult lab mix dogs. Dr. Kurka was their vet. He was willing to do what needed to be done. He ALWAYS showed caring for my dogs because they were his primary focus. With me he always showed honesty, even when I didn’t want to hear it. I will forever be grateful for everything he did to ensure my “babies” received the best care possible through the end of each their lives. Recently, I adopted a rescue pittie with continuous health issues (parasites, allergies, histiocytoma, lacerations, etc.). Dr. Nadeau is his vet and she is AMAZING! She goes above and beyond to treat my Micah and answer all my endless questions. She has called me during and after office hours to check up on Micah’s health/progress, has researched alternate medications to treat his allergies, and has provided me with advice and guidance in making medical/health decisions for Micah. Today, she called to check in after receiving a report from the Animal Emergency Center regarding Micah’s newest concern. Not only did she call to see how he is doing, she offered more advice and we came up with a new plan for further evaluation/treatment if needed. If my opinion of Chippewa Animal Hospital isn’t high enough, Micah LOVES them. The ladies at the front desk always give him pets and “cookies” as do the techs. My only complaint would be that I’m beginning to think he makes himself “sick” just to go see “his girls”.
Stephanie D.

Very caring doctors and staff. I have been bringing my pets there for 30 some years and they have always been wonderful to them. Same doctors.

Grace F.

Everyone is so friendly. From the office staff, to the vet techs, to the docs, everyone made us feel welcomed. The doc is attentive and open to any questions regarding the care and training of your pet.
Melissa D.

Took our cat in for an emergency visit as first time patients. Dr. Pendino was fantastic. He recommended the usual and when I asked if we needed more he said no. Glad we are patients here!
Luci C.

We always receive excellent service here. With 6 animals of our own and big hearts for our “street strays”,. The veterinarians and staff here are always ready to help us in making the best decisions for our furry family. They keep us up to date an all services needed and which cats or.dogs are due for shots. I would be lost without thier attention.
Heather R.

Dr. Pendino has been practicing vet med for 47 years. Ive taken my dogs to him for 10. Great vet, very kind and understanding. Cant recommend highly enough.
Laura M.

I have been taking my animals there for 33 years. Some long gone and some going strong. Doc Kurka & Doc Perino are the best.
Marilyn S.

Chippewa Animal Hospital is the best vet in the area. My dogs can be aggressive, and they always make sure they get absolute top notch care, even when they are scared. Couldn’t recommend more!
Meghan K.

This has been our family vet for years. The prices are super affordable and your treated family. The staff and vets really love your animals
Lou Lou

They took very good care of me and my dog at the end of his life. Thank you.
Kristin H.

The service and staff is the best I’ve ever encountered. I love how much they love my dog!!
Brittany M.

We were visiting St. Louis and one our dogs had an issue that appeared to be quite serious, perhaps life threatening. I asked for an evaluation and they worked us into their morning schedule. The staff was great, Dr. Kurka took time to explain his examination, our options and risks. We left with confidence that our dog would be recovering and the charge was very reasonable. In and out in about an hour. Excellent care.
John B.

They are always so good with our dogs and it’s usually easy to get an appointment.
Sara S.

We started going to Chippewa Animal hospital about a year ago following repeated disappointment with the service at the Chippewa Banfield. They were a breath of fresh air and we finally felt like our dogs received treatment based off what they needed (not what they could be charged for) This time last week, we had to make the appointment literally every pet owner dreads. Going in we weren’t sure of the outcome ahead but had a pretty good feeling it wasn’t going to be good. We were still fairly new to the hospital so this was our first time meeting Dr. Julie Nadeau- and I can’t begin to express how grateful I am she was the vet to be with us at such a terrible time. Losing our dog that day was horrific but a week later all I continue to think about is how much more comforting she made that moment for us. She confirmed the worst, in the most compassionate way. She did a thorough evaluation of Harper and made certain we could be confident in our decision to let our girl go. Its like she knew we would play the moment over and over in our head and question if what we did was right. She relieved us of that personal torture so we could mourn our dog and celebrate her life like it deserved to be. I remember walking out of the room and seeing tears on her face- a family she never met. It was powerful and appreciated and I’m just really grateful that time was spent with someone that cared not just about our dog, but about us. We aren’t quite at the place to adopt again but we will, and when we do we will be seeing Dr. Nadeau- she is amazing.

And kudos to the Chippewa animal hospital receptionist and technicians as well- they too, are wonderful. Thank all of you for making such a terrible day, a positive experience. That’s not easy to do. We very much look forward to trusting you with our pets in the future!

Harpers Mom and Dad

Jenni F.

They took my cutie in on short notice and took their time to run tests and kept her overnight. Cutie is feeling better now, thanks to Chippewa Animal Hospital!
Josh A.

Love everyone there and even tho she tries to hide behind me, so does my dog. Kemmy eagerly jumps out of the car, can’t wait to get inside, is happily enjoying everything.up to the point of being in the exam room. Once in the exam room, even if we are alone, my 80 lb dog tries her best to hide behind me or make herself as small as possible. I just laugh. She likes Dr. Bruce and is fine once he comes in.
Deborah W.